Yeah, it will "stay free" UNLESS it becomes very popular. If it does, spotify will make it that you have to PAY to use it.

These "players" are worse than your local crack dealer. Give it away, get em hooked, then start charging them.


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Awasome. There is so much to learn from it. I don't even know what you need to do to end up with so deep, extensive research.

I just recommended Productify here: https://huryn.substack.com/

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The article could have also looked at aspects such as;

Using the exploitation model, what is the percentage of users that like these recommended songs after listening to it?

How many users skipped these recommended songs before the 30seconds rule?

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Nice case study.

Is this BaRT system used by Spotify also applicable to YouTube Streaming services?

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Wondering if Spotify will at some point of time start investing in music production and give emerging artists a platform to launch their music at better royalties than what big music companies give ?

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Great article covering multiple aspects of Spotify. 👍🏻

I have 2 questions; maybe a food for thought :)

1. With the artists moving towards an independent model of business - (away from the music labels), and the current major share (85%) with these labels, how will Spotify business change with these changes kicking in the future?

2. Why does Spotify have less cover songs as compared to YouTube?

There are many cover songs by established artists that a user might want to listen. Currently, these songs can only be found on YouTube.

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Very interesting and comprehensive article covering multiple aspects!

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This was fantastic. Great explanation breaking down the ML roles and thanks for the video recs on the product and engineering culture.

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